Imported cross-border e-commerce welcomes substantial benefits

Issuing time:2022-09-06 15:57

On November 30, more than a dozen ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued three import cross-border e-commerce policy documents to further improve my country's cross-border e-commerce retail import supervision and adjust cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policies. Raise the upper limit of the commodity limit that can enjoy preferential tax policies, expand the scope of the list, and implement it from January 1, 2019.

A single transaction limit is raised to 5,000 yuan

The adjustment of cross-border e-commerce policies mainly includes the adjustment of tax policy. First, the annual transaction limit is increased from 20,000 yuan per person per year by 26,000 yuan, and in the future, it will be raised according to the increase of residents' income. The second is to increase the single transaction limit from 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. At the same time, it is clear that the customs-paid price exceeds the single transaction limit but is lower than the annual transaction limit, and when there is only one item in the order, it can be purchased from cross-border e-commerce retail channels. For imports, customs duties and import value-added tax and consumption tax shall be levied in full according to the tax rate of goods, and the transaction volume shall be included in the total annual transaction volume. The third is to clarify that cross-border e-commerce retail imports that have been purchased shall not be sold again in the domestic market.

The adjustment of the commodity list, first, include some commodities with relatively strong consumer demand in recent years into the list of commodities, and add 63 tax items such as sparkling wine, malt brewed beer, fitness equipment; Two batches of lists have been technically adjusted and updated, and the adjusted list has a total of 1,321 tax items.

In this regard, the industry believes that the State Council has once again decided to continue and improve the cross-border e-commerce retail import policy and expand the scope of application, which will bring great benefits to China's import cross-border e-commerce industry. Zeng Bibo, founder and CEO of Ocean Terminal, said that the introduction of the detailed rules will further stimulate the return of consumption and release consumers' consumption demand in the light luxury category with high unit price.

Impact on overseas shopping

The cross-border e-commerce policy also clarifies that cross-border e-commerce retail imports that have been purchased shall not enter the domestic market for re-sale. Cao Lei, director of the China E-Commerce Research Center, believes that this time it is clarified that cross-border e-commerce retail imports are not allowed to enter the domestic market for re-sale, which may have an adverse impact on personal purchasing. Whether it is in the name of an individual or a daigou company operating as a company, it is obviously illegal, and it is already in a "gray area", and it will be more difficult to operate in the future.

Analysis: Imported cross-border e-commerce is entering the era of competition in the whole industry chain

In the future, cross-border import e-commerce needs to develop into the mid-to-high-end market, and combine various logistics forms to cope with the changes in the situation. Industry giants will further highlight their advantages in supply chain management and capital operation, and drive the entire industry to a more standardized path. The new generation of consumers born in the 1990s has obvious cross-border demand. As the 80s and 90s have become the main force of consumption, these groups have advanced consumption concepts and have obvious demand for cross-border commodity consumption.

Cao Lei believes that cross-border e-commerce is shifting from creating popular items to providing high-quality services throughout the entire process. Every link from goods procurement, customs clearance logistics, and sales services affects customer experience, and the platform will enter the era of competition in the entire industry chain.

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