Import declaration of used machinery and equipment

Issuing time:2022-09-06 16:00

【Import Fees for Used Machinery】

1) The Hong Kong part of the exchange fee, terminal miscellaneous fee, delivery fee, warehouse rent, inspection fee and its agency fee, transit fee,

2) The customs duties, value-added tax, terminal and exchange orders, customs declaration fees, domestic customs declaration and inspection fees, commodity inspection fees, transportation fees from Hong Kong to Dongguan, old mechanical and electrical filing fees, old mechanical and electrical approval and certification fees, agency fees, and other fees;

【Second-hand machinery import process】

The customer provides the information and pictures of the equipment to be imported → our company calculates various import costs → quotation → sign the import agency agreement → our company handles the import inspection record and inspection and quarantine application for the old cutting center in China → overseas export by sea → shipping by sea Hong Kong → Exchange order, pick up the goods → Our warehouse in Hong Kong → Contact the Hong Kong Inspection and Quarantine Company for inspection → After passing the inspection → Apply for the import license of used mechanical and electrical machinery → Arrange a barge from Hong Kong to the surrounding wharf → Local Commodity Inspection Bureau Change the original for record and pass inspection and quarantine Certificate→Inspection declaration→Commodity inspection and customs clearance form→Prepare import declaration materials→Commodity Inspection Bureau on-site inspection and verification→Customs import review→Tax payment bill payment→Customs inspection→Pick up and release→Arrange domestic shipping booking→Trailer to shipping terminal→Port→Trailer to the relevant manufacturer.

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