Cosmetics import customs clearance case

Issuing time:2022-09-06 16:00

Service content: domestic customs clearance and logistics distribution

1. Documents required for import declaration of cosmetics:

1. Cosmetics import customs declaration foreign information:

①Certificate of Origin

②Cosmetics Safety Commitment (issued by the manufacturer, the original copy is required)

③Hazard identification table (issued by the manufacturer)

④Ingredient allocation table (issued by the manufacturer)

⑤Packing list, invoice, contract

⑥ Bill of Lading / Waybill

⑦Original label (display picture of electronic file label)

⑧ Wooden tray (fumigation certificate or wooden tray fumigation mark is required)

⑨ Certificate of production date

2. Domestic information of cosmetics import declaration:

① State Food and Drug Administration Imported Cosmetics Recording Certificate

②Customs declaration/inspection declaration power of attorney (customers have the right to import and export, and the declaration is provided on a single letter)

③Customs declaration/inspection declaration ten-digit code

④Business license, foreign trade operator filing form

⑤Agent import agreement (customer does not have import and export rights, double-headed declaration is provided)

⑥Cosmetics consignee filing

⑦Cosmetic label filing information (non-import)

⑧Consignee Commitment

⑨Declaration elements

⑩A4 blank stamped paper, several sheets

Second, our simple cosmetics import customs declaration ideas:

1: Sign an import declaration agency contract with the customer before importing

2: Before delivery, send the scanned copy of the documents to our company for review to avoid document discrepancies

3: After the foreign stocking is completed, the supplier arranges delivery, export customs declaration, and international air transport to Guangzhou Airport

4: Our company arranges customs clearance

5: Release for delivery

3. Technical points of cosmetics import declaration:

①For products imported by customers, provide information to our company for review, and find that the trace ingredients on the original packaging label are not reflected, and do not correspond to the ingredients on the record certificate of imported cosmetics from the State Food and Drug Administration.

According to our company's operating experience, commodity inspection requires that the ingredients of the packaging be consistent with the requirements of the approval document. Our company promptly informs the customer to connect with the supplier and change the outer packaging, so as to avoid the risk of returning the product after the customer has imported it into China.

②The weight information of the certificate of origin issued abroad is wrong, and it does not correspond to the weight of the packing list and air waybill. Since our company found it in time, let the customer notify the supplier not to deliver the goods first, and modify the certificate of origin before delivery. Data arrives randomly. Avoided customers need to change the certificate of origin after delivery, so that the data needs to be couriered to China. It takes 8-10 days to express the data from Australia to China, which is a good way to avoid the increase in domestic storage costs.

Through the above two important technical points, we help customers save a lot of time and cost in import declaration of cosmetics.

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