Log wood import customs clearance process

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Foreign forest farms (confirm that the goods are ready) --- order warehouse --- loading container --- shipping --- arrive at port -- pay freight -- change order from shipping agency -- apply for inspection (1 day) --- customs declaration -(1 day, the price will pass the tax bill issued on the same day)--pay the value-added tax--check the container/release--the shipping company will issue a release note--fumigation (24 hours)--dock trailer ( The general time for disinfection is 30 minutes, queue for disinfection)--delivery

1) Imported timber customs clearance company takes orders: After receiving the documents, check whether the documents are complete and accurate. Documents: phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, bill of lading, code list;

2) Change the order. After receiving the complete set of documents from the customer, it is necessary to find out which shipping company the imported goods belong to, which is the shipping agent, and where can the bill of lading for customs clearance be exchanged. It depends on what form of bill of lading the bill of lading is, whether it is original or telexed, generally it is an instruction bill of lading or a registered bill of lading, and the corresponding endorsement is made on the bill of lading.

When receiving the arrival notice from the shipping company, the correct Chinese customs declaration information should be supplemented to the shipping company (it is better to supplement the information when the full set of documents is received, and the error rate is relatively small)

3) For inspection, a power of attorney for inspection is required. It is necessary to check whether the information is complete and accurate. The most important thing for wood species is whether the information on the phytosanitary certificate and the certificate of origin are consistent, such as the certificate of origin, the phytosanitary certificate is wrong or there is no application. Fumigation, but it needs the approval of the director, and the customs clearance form is issued after the commodity inspection fee is completed.

4) Customs declaration, customs declaration materials: bill of lading, customs clearance, packing list, invoice, contract, customs declaration and other materials, sent to the customs, the customs examines the documents, the import timber customs clearance company, and the customs declaration documents are passed. The single-center chargeback will be re-corrected and sent according to the situation (usually the specifications, uses, etc.).

Release, take the release slip and go to the shipping company to make a bill of lading. All expenses must be settled. If a deposit is required, a deposit must be paid, and the trailer will be delivered.

【Import customs declaration fee for timber】

1) Order exchange fee/dock fee/cabinet rental fee;

2) Agent inspection and declaration fee/customs declaration agent/commodity inspection agent/quarantine disinfection;

3) Additional fees for commercial inspection cabinet procedures: A port fee: 5/10,000 of the value of the goods; B commodity inspection fee: 2.5/1,000 per ticket.

4) Value-added tax for timber imports: 13% for logs, 17% for squares and boards,

[Documents required for timber import declaration]

1) Packing list (PACKING LIST);

2) Commercial Invoice (INVOICE);

3) Foreign phytosanitary certificate (PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE);

4) Foreign fumigation certificate (CERTIFICATE OF FUMIGATION);


6) Original bill of lading (B/L);

7) Log code single (Code single) dealers check the goods;

8) The contract;

9) For the import of rosewood, the "Non-Endangered Certificate" must be provided in China;

【Precautions for import declaration of timber】

1) Port selection, generally close to the seller's location is more reasonable;

2) The list is complete and the customs clearance efficiency is high. It is mainly due to the cooperation of foreign countries to provide the origin and disinfection. Please apply in advance;

3) The customer provides the value of the goods objectively, generally by passing the English name and Latin name of the elm to determine the customs code of the elm and the approximate price;

4) The arrival time of the goods is seamlessly connected with the customs clearance time, so as to avoid warehouse rent and container rent;

5) Before customs clearance, you must understand the new customs regulations. In addition, the inspection of elm wood is also subject to changes in the international market price.

【Recommended port for timber import declaration】

Shanghai Yangshan Port: (recommended logs: North American wood, Southeast Asia (rubber wood), Africa (Asian pear)) square material, etc.;

Shenzhen Yantian Port: (recommended logs: North American wood, Southeast Asia (rubber wood), Africa (Asian pear)) square material;

Shenzhen Shekou Port: (recommended logs: South American wood) logs;

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port: (recommended logs: South America, Southeast Asia, Africa) logs, wooden squares;

Guangzhou Huangpu Port: (recommended logs: North America, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa) logs and plates;

Zhongshan Port, Guangdong: (recommended logs: rosewood, large fruit shield wood, Madagascar Lu's black rosewood, black rosewood, slightly concave rosewood, large leaf red sandalwood, australian rosewood, red sandalwood floor materials, etc. lumber) is easy to import, fast/safe, and saves money.

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